How to Start a Janitor Service Part-Time

When it comes to starting a janitor service business, don't quit your day job. Most businesses can be very risky. One of the most important things you can do when you are starting, is to be honest with yourself and have realistic expectations. You want to be optimistic, but you do not want to plan to do more work then you will actually do. Most of the time businesses work best, if you can start them part-time on the side. Also there is less risk to starting a business this way and you can actually make more money per hour.

Having a janitorial business works really well as a side business, because it is something that you can do this after regular business hours. Most of the time janitorial work is done very early in the mornings. It is fairly easy to get around paying other full-time job, at least for the first few months. After you get your business going, you can always hire people to work the night shift for you. If you start your janitorial business this way, will require less investment capital or start up capital to begin your business. You want to also plan on having enough money to cover six months worth of expenses. Not all of your customers will pay you up front. In fact most of them, will want to pay you after you have finished the service or even 1 to 2 months after you have finished it. You will need to have your money in savings, so that you can buy your equipment to begin your business, and so that you can pay your employees while you are still waiting to get your customers will. Plus it is always good to have a financial reserve, because you have to close the business down immediately, you will not be having to pay off credit card debt or business debt in this sort of a situation.

Create a business model for your janitor service business, one that will work. Decide how quickly you want to grow your business. And whether or not you want it to be a small or a large business. I have found that the two most profitable businesses to own our small and large. Medium-size businesses do not make much money as small or large business models and are not worth the investment, unless you are planning on making them a large business eventually. Small business models allow you to streamline your business and make it run as efficiently as possible. You don't want to schedule another employee for work until you absolutely need you. If you want to make the most money per hour that you work, like $60-$80 an hour, a small business model is probably just what you need. This will allow you to hire one or two employees, and always keep them busy. With a large business model, the goal is that you will not have to work in the business for more than one or two years. Then you will be able to make enough money to hire a manager, and you will be able to learn how to play golf. To make a large business successful, it takes a lot of planning, and being able to train a very competent manager. Not everyone is capable of creating a large business. Usually, more people are effective at creating small profitable businesses, and that is why so movies exist today.


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